Christmas Vacation, Jersey Style...

Just thought I'd share a few pics of our east coast holiday...

Dave and I had a night out in New York City with our Seattle besties who were also there visiting family.  I've done NYC many times before but it was super fun to do it with our good peeps from home.  NYC is pretty magical at night during the holidays...every corner you turn there are pretty lights and decorations.  And it turned out to be one of those awesome unplanned nights where you just go with the flow and see where the night takes you.  We stumbled upon awesome bars and an even better speakeasy without even looking.  It was a super fun night spent with awesome friends.

Also in NYC...these two Seattle besties had a surprise meet up at the American Girl Doll store.  Apparently 9 year old girls don't realize how close New York and New Jersey are because they both knew the other one was going to visit family but it never occurred to them that they might be close enough to meet up.  Needless to say they were pretty shocked to run into one another at the American Girl Doll store in NYC and then have lunch with one other there.  I mean just look at their happy faces...priceless!  Parker said it was her best Christmas present ever!

And Parker got lots of quality time and cousin love with these three cuties.  The four of them are the best together and I so wish we lived closer!


And talk about's that for a lot of cousins?!  That would be my dad's side of the family and all of my cousins who we spent Christmas day with at the Jersey shore.  It's a fun crew to say the least and always fun to catch up with them!

So I think that sums up our Jersey Christmas vacation!  We also had a few days when we got home to relax, hit the mountains and play in the snow. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better break.  Now it's back to the grind.  I've got a super busy month sewing up spring samples for photo shoots.  I'm really excited about City Kid Style's spring/summer collection and although it's a ton of work ahead, I'm excited to get started on it!

Happy New Year!


Happy 2016!

My little family has had an awesome two weeks traveling and hanging with family, playing in the snow and celebrating with friends.  Next week I'm back to work and prepping for City Kid Style's spring collection!  I'll try and get back in the next day or two to share pictures of our lovely break!

Cheers to you and yours!

Checking in....

I swear I haven't dropped off the face of the earth....

But with the holidays being the busiest time of year for City Kid...and well probably for all of us, the month of November just slipped past without any blog posts.  Unfortunately this little blog often gets neglected or pushed to the back burner.

But my favorite time of year is here!  So I'm just trying to slow down the season and enjoy my cozy home with my little family even though life continues to be a whirl wind of busyness.

I have a multitude of blog posts in my head but not enough time at the moment. So tonight all i have for you is a picture of our lovely tree and our sweet little Sophie.  But I'll try my best to make some time soon for some other fun posts that I have filed away!


Be Yourself....

...everyone else is already taken.

I'm so excited about the release of these tee shirts.  I have had the idea for a screen print graphic using this quote for so long now.  And all I had to do was throw it there to my trusty friend Stephanie Corfee and she brought it to fruition with a perfect blend of whimsical doodles that any girl will love!  

It's such an important message for young just be yourself.  As I see Parker entering the tween years I can see a bit of a change in behavior among the girls.  Nothing too drastic...but I hear it in their conversations and see it reflected in their imaginary play....what's cool, who's cool, what's dorky, etc... Parker is fortunate to have a great group of close friends who look out for one another and keep each other in check,  as well as a good group of girls in her fourth grade class that all seem pretty inclusive and accepting.  I can only hope that will carry on through middle school and high school.  But she is sure to run into "mean girls" or "mean people" and hopefully she will always be able to stay true to herself and also be a good friend to others no matter who they choose to be.  She is such a sweet and accepting girl that I'm pretty sure she's on the right track...but I do feel like it is an important value to continually revisit and nurture in children.  

This past summer Parker and I started watching the Glee series.  We're pretty much addicted and are now in season 4.  It's full of high school drama including bullying, friendship and romance.  It definitely has some mature content so unless you're prepared to discuss topics like teen pregnancy with your child, I wouldn't suggest it (there even a few episodes I didn't let her watch as they were too mature!).    But one continuing theme throughout this series that has been a great lesson for Parker is that of acceptance.  We have watched characters in this show start out as bratty, mean, and down right awful people...who evolve into good friends and accepting individuals.  In this show it doesn't matter if you're a football player, cheerleader, drama queen, straight, gay, transgender...they all stick together, and have each others backs for when others are not so accepting.  Every main character in this show learns to love others for who they are and learn that it's okay to just be yourself.  It's for a sure a bit of a soap opera...Dave can't keep up with who is dating who on the show!   But if you like good TV, music and dance and a good overall's a good one....You may just want to wait until your kid is 16 to watch it with them!!

So head over to the shop page and grab your girls one of these awesome tees! And with the purchase of this tee you'll receive a FREE coloring page download of this exclusive design...perfect for framing once your child has added their own touch of color to!

Oh-and this amazing pictures...thank you to Gina from Phoenix Street for these beauties!

Happy Wednesday!

Dreamy Parisian Apartment in the 18th...

I'm having a lazy Sunday kid is still asleep, my husband is in the family room watching soccer and I'm curled up in my cozy chair sipping on coffee and drooling over other people's homes found via pinterest.  And I stumbled upon this dreamy apartment in the 18th arr of Paris...

I know exactly the neighborhood...if my lazy Sunday morning was spent in this lovely apartment I know just where I'd head out for another cup of coffee followed by an afternoon of shopping at little boutiques and antique shops!

Happy Sunday!  and all images are courtesy of Inside Closet


City Kid Style Brand Shoot...

I am pretty in love with these photos that the super talented Emily, of Hello Charlie took for my recent brand shoot:

Pretty awesome right?!  She captured the essence of City Kid Style perfectly! And I love how she styled the City Kid Style threads with other brands.  I can't wait to see what she does with my holiday dresses!!  And how crazy is it that I already have to start working on holiday stuff?!

Happy Wednesday!

House Love....

I'm a bit of an online house stalker.  I love looking through design sites and drooling over amazing homes that I find.  Every so often I may even like one of them enough to share in an "Amazing Home' or "House Love" post her on this little blog.  But this House Love post is near and dear to my heart.  It's my mom's house that she and my father bought before I was even born and that she just sold.

I spent most of my childhood living in France so I really only lived in this house during high school.  But as I said my parents bought this house before I was my mom has owned it for over 40 years! And she has been there since I was in high school so this is the house that we've been going home to for over 20 years.  There are many wonderful memories in this house.  It's a house big enough that all the grandchildren could be there at the same time filling it with running children, crying babies and lots of happy screaming.  And best of all, my father's memory is strong in this much of the art and furniture are pieces that my parents brought back from France and will always remind me of him.

She moves out this week into a small apartment in New Jersey very close to my sister and close to my father's family.  And she's bring that great farmhouse table with her, and a lot of her other amazing furniture and art with her.  And the kids are already planning sleepovers at their grandmother's new apartment.  So no doubt there will be lots of new memories created in a new home.  And much easier for my mom now that she won't have to take care of a 5 bedroom home by herself!  And another family with children has bought the house so hopefully it will continue to build memories of parents, children and eventually grandkids...a new era for this lovely house on Bellevue Terrace.

But it does feel a little bit like the end of an era for our family...I get a bit choked up when I think it...but Goodbye Bellevue Terrace!.  


For every "quick little shoot" that I make Parker do, I get about 3 good shots for every 50!  

The rest depend on what her mood is...either completely annoyed that I'm making her model for me, or just acting like a complete goof ball.  Yesterday she was being a total goof ball.  And she made me promise to actually use some of the goofy pictures.  In the above picture she wouldn't get out of my face...she was so close the camera wouldn't even snap a picture!  Here are a few more out takes from yesterday:

And of course in between all of these goofball poses she's laughing hysterically because she's just cracking herself up.  And I much prefer this kind of shoot to the one where she's just completely annoyed and rolling her eyes at me.  At least in this one we were both laughing...a lot. I do love her goofy little personality.

And as I said...every once in a while I get a good shot or this one:

And on a side note...I'm a little in love with the bubble top that she's wearing.  It's a size 8/9...maybe a touch small for her...I think she's almost a size up and should be a 10/11.  Where does the time go...when I started this business she was only a size 6/7...maybe even smaller!  Anyhow, I'll have several new lovelies including this one listed in the shop next week!

Happy weekend!



from vacation...

We just got back from a lovely vacation in Cannon Beach.  It's becoming a yearly tradition that we head down there every summer with some of our Seattle besties.  About 4 families to be exact.  The kids have all grown up together and are super close.  So adults, kids and dogs all head down, rent houses within blocks of one another, spend our days boogie boarding and lounging on the beach and our evenings hanging out by beach bonfires.  It's such a fun and relaxing time. So a few shots of our trip from this year:

And have you ever been to Cannon Beach?  I love's kind of like a West Coast sleepy version of Nantucket if any of you have ever been there.  It's really kind of a magical place.  I love taking long walks there and scoping out all of the pretty little (and some big) beach a few that I snapped photos of...

Now it's back to the city, back to the grind and back to work!  Like immediately...I'm so behind that I'll be working tomorrow on Sunday!  But I do have to keep in mind that Parker still has two and half weeks left of summer before school starts.  So I'm going to try my best and balance it all so that I can have fun with her as well.  We actually have a few camping trips left in the next two weeks so we're really packing it all in!

Hope you all are enjoying your last few days of summer as well!  Happy weekend!


You know the saying "The days are long but the years are short"?  That's how this summer seems to feel.  The days have felt long but it seems to be going by in the blink of an eye.

I have been so very busy with all things City Kid and with Parker out of school it's been somewhat of a juggling act keeping her entertained and getting work done.  So we've been spending a lot of afternoons at the pool and I try to get work done in the mornings, and then at night and on the weekends.  Therefore, I kind of feel like I'm constantly working which makes the days seem really long.  I don't want to wish the summer away but I'll be glad when school starts and I'll have a full 6 hours of Parker in school so that I can have a real work day again and then be able to have my weekends and nights to enjoy with my family.

I had a few craft fairs this summer and those are now behind me...The Wedgwood Art Festival was super fun.  Well they're all fun but the Wedgwood one is particularly fun because it's so local, right in my neighborhood actually.  So I always see a ton of Parker's classmates, neighbors, etc...I've also done it a few times now so I'm getting to know the other vendors which is nice.  I was really excited to be able to put to use my new signage that I had Stephanie Corfee design for me.  It's my cute little skater girl on a skate board!  How cool is it?!

The weather has been amazing so we've  been squeezing in evening walks at the lake and enjoying Seattle in all her glory...summers here really are amazing.  We took a weekend trip to Crystal Mountain and got in some good hikes and even saw a whole heard of elk pass right through the front yard of the cabin we were staying was pretty cool.  We still have our annual trip to Cannon Beach ahead and then summer will pretty much be over.  So when it's all said and done and I think about all that...yes it feels like it's going by in the blink of an eye.

And yes...that is a mermaid tail that Parker is wearing in that top picture.  She and one of her friends at school are very into mermaids and somehow they found this online.  So we got it for her for her birthday and she loves swimming around in that thing!  

Check back in the next few days for a fun surprise!

Happy Tuesday!

Bubble Tops

I'm kind of in love with these little bubble tops that I've been making:

They're made from a combination of up cycled button downs and fabric scraps.  I end up with a ton of larger scraps that are perfect for tank part of these little lovelies.  And actually come to think of it, a few of them have been made all from up cycled materials as I found some cool jersey shirts with cool prints.

I LOVE making one of a kind items like these bubble tops.  It's my favorite thing to do...each one turns out so differently and I love the idea that some little girl will get an item of clothing that no one else will ever have.  

These little tops were pretty popular at my last craft fair.  I have a few left over that I've just listed in the shop.  But as soon as things slow down with fall fall production I'm going to bang out another batch!

Here are a few that I just listed:

I'll be back soon with another fun new limited edition tunic that I've been working on for fall.  I have a few cute models lined up to shoot pictures for it this week and I can't wait to see them styling it up!  Stay tuned!

Happy Wednesday!


House Love...

It's been a while since I've posted a house tour.  But I am majorly in love with this Portland Oregon home that I found on Design Sponge:

It's kind of dreamy right?!  I love everything about it.  It's bright and airy but cozy at the same time.  It's modern but still has an old farmhouse feel to it.  And their 9 year old's bedroom?  How sweet and pretty is it?!  But where is all her stuff?  My 9 year old daughter comes with so much little stuff...I dream of her room being that neat and clutter free!  (all images via DesignSponge).

I love house stalking other people's homes!  And I used to love posting all of the beautiful homes I would stubble upon.  But life with City Kid has gotten crazy..good crazy but it leaves little time for blogging about fun stuff like home decor and amazing homes like this one.  But I swear I'm going to make more of an effort in the coming months.  I've been super busy getting my fall line prepped for production, and once that happens (hopefully next week!) I'm going to try and start blogging more.  As my sweet Parker would say "I pinky swear!"

Happy Thursday!



All I can say is that it's been busy...super busy......

End of the school year, start of summer, still finishing ip the final touches on City Kid's fall line, birthdays. father's day, family get togethers, etc...But no complaining's all good!  And amazing weather to say the least!

Hope to check in with more later this week.  Happy Sunday!


Sewing Projects.....

I keep telling myself that I'm going to start sewing more for myself....

But alas, after sewing for City Kid, running a business and taking care of a family, I can't ever seem to find the time.  But I have a ton of inspiration on my Pinterest sewing projects page.  Here are a few of my faves that I keep telling myself I'm going to do:

This amazing top to throw over a bathing suit, wear to the pool or lounge around the yard in.  This would actually be easy peasy to make! from here

And this fantastic drawstring linen bag to go with that top above.  I can throw all my pool loot in there, bring it to summer farmers markets (that I never go to)...I'm just envisioning myself waltzing around in that top with this pretty bag on my shoulder! from here

Another super cute top.  This one could be for the pool, and would also look lovely over leggings for a night out. from here

I am drooling over this linen just screams summer!  Again, I think it would be pretty easy to make. from here

And lastly, how about something for my home?  I'm in love with this curtain.  I need to start collecting little hankies like these so I can make my own! from here

So we'll see if any of this happens over the summer.  I actually did recently make my self a cute self drafted tank out of some left over City Kid fabric.  As soon as I have a picture of myself in it I'll post it.  Hopefully I'll have made a few the above items to share as well!  

Oh and how about that cute picture up top?!  I wish I looked that cute when I was sewing away!  I'm usually in my workout gear or pj's!

Happy Friday!

Happy Weekend!

It's definitely starting to feel like summer here in Seattle....

So we kicked off our long weekend with an impromptu bonfire after a yummy grill out.  It was a super fun time with super good friends and makes me so excited for the good times that summer brings!

And just a note that City Kid Style is having a little sale...enter the code MEMORIALDAY at checkout for 20% off your order.  Trying to make room in the inventory for fun fall stuff to hit the site later this summer!

Have a great weekend!

A little update...

Another little sneak peek of what's to come this fall:

I am beyond excited about City Kid's first official "line" coming out this fall.  I'm making a few changes to my little business that will allow me to grow and offer more to my wonderful customers.  As you know, over the past two years I've made everything myself...I've sewn and screen printed everything out of my home sewing studio.  It's been wonderful and I know that a lot of folks out there love that everything is made by me personally.  But I can only do so much.  I get so many requests to add leggings, shorts, my little line.  But again, there's only so much that one person can do!  Additionally, I'd love to be able to offer my threads to stores...but unfortunately I can't handle the volume that stores want.

Therefore, after a ton of thought, consideration and research, I've decided to outsource some of my sewing.  I found a wonderful husband and wife team here in Seattle who will be helping out with my sewing.  Additionally, I have a fabric company that offers up amazing fabric made in LA. So everything is still made right here in the U.S. and you can still feel good about supporting your local economy.  And now I can offer up the leggings, pants, shirts, etc... that everyone has been asking for.  It's a big step but at the same time I feel like it's really the only way that my business can grow.  And while it's a big step that causes a lot of nervousness on my part...the excitement about what I can now do far outweighs the nerves! 

And in addition to my little collection that I will be offering I will still have a one of a kind line made just be me out of upcycled materials.  Outsourcing my sewing on the rest of the items will now give me more time to work on really creative and unique one of kind dresses....which I'm super excited about!

So there you have it!  And that little number in the picture above is the City Swing Top.....I love love love it!  I've had this pattern swooning around in my head for over a year and now here it is...available with the fall 2015 line.  So stay tuned!

And happy Thursday!

Happy Birthday...

To this sweet little love of mine.  I can't believe that she's 9!

We just spent a lovely week back on the east coast in New Jersey and DC catching up with lots of family and friends.  Now it's back to the real world.  Less than two months left of third grade for Parker and less than two months for me to do a ton of work getting together a full (but small) fall/winter line for City Kid.  I'm making a few changes to my business model which I'll explain later but I'm super excited as it is allowing me to add more to my little store!

Until later...Happy Tuesday!


Pretty little things....

I love pretty little, clothing, toys, and especially home decor.  About a year ago I somehow stumbled upon the blog of Lori Marie and I fell in love with her little shop.  To be exact, I think I saw one of her pretty little dream catchers pinned on pinterest and I went directly to her site and purchased it as a present for Parker, who has a little dream catcher collection.  Her shop is appropriately named "Pretty Little Things"  because that's just what she makes...pretty little things.  Dreamcatchers, mobiles, flowered crowns and the most darling bohemian dolls I've ever seen.  I now follow her Facebook feed and every time one of her new creations pops up I'm ooing and ahhing over it's goodness.  I just want it all!

And below is a picture of the pretty crocheted dreamcatcher with gold stars hanging above Parker's bed (it blows the other two out of the of which Parker made herself!):

I think I may need to get one of the pretty little colorful ones to add to Parker's collection!  Don't you think?!  

So if you're ever in the market for a special present for a special little girl, or if you just want to add some pure prettiness to your now know where to go!

Happy Tuesday!

-all photos via Lorie Marie FB and shop


I know, I know, I've been missing in action and neglecting my blog.  It may seem as though things on the City Kid front have been pretty quiet but I've actually been super busy behind the scenes.  Here's a little sneak peek at some new styles and patterns that I've been working on for summer and fall:

Happy Weekend, Happy Spring and Happy Easter!