A few shots from one of my most favorite places ever.....


Every year at the end of the summer we head down to Cannon Beach with some of the best of friends.  Five other families, and this year we added a sixth.  Our kids have grown up together and have spent at least a week every summer together in this magical little beach town.  We all stay in the cutest little cottages, we spend our days at the beach boogie boarding, surfing, playing in the water and our nights by beach bonfires.  The kids are in heaven, the dogs are in heaven and the parents are so relaxed.  

It's almost a bittersweet trip because I literally count down the days every summer until this trip but it also marks the end of summer.  But somehow, as much as I don't ever want to leave when I'm down there, I come back ready for fall and ready to get back into the routine of every day life.

And if I ever strike it rich I will be buying my own little cottage down there so that I can spend my whole summer there!!