Butterfly Shadow Box DIY

This is a little belated, but I've been  meaning to share some pictures of the auction project I did for Parker's class this year....

Above is the finished product.  It's a little hard to tell but the butterflies are 3d.  I had each kid paint with water colors on regular water color paper.  Then I used my silhouette cameo to cut out two different sized butterflies and then I attached them together with glue.  So the smaller one in the front has the wings sticking out and the larger one is glued flat to the back board.  I love how each butterfly turned out.  Once they were cut they actually looked so different than the watercolors that the kids had done.  Below is a picture of the in process:

Lining them up evenly was a pain in the ass!  I had to measure the distance out and mark it with a little dot as you can see.  That part was pretty tedious.  Anyhow, I love how it turned out overall.

Of course I tried to bid on it at the auction but it ended up going for way more than we could afford.  Although lucky for me some of the kids' watercolors were large enough that I could cut out two butterfly sets...so I actually have a bunch of butterflies ready to go.  I thought about making a second one for the auction but I really did not have the time for that.  Every year it's been really hard to find a parent willing to do the auction project and I always cave and end up doing it.  I'm happy to help but when you're working full time and have to make time to go into the classroom and work with the kids, and then the time that it takes to put the project together, it's a lot.  So I figured my reward for years of doing that could be that I keep the extras and make one of these for myself!  Of course putting the whole thing together takes time itself so those butterflies have just been sitting in my studio waiting to be framed.  One of these days!