2017 Happenings.....

...so far

So the consensus seems to be that 2016 sucked.  And while it did suck in many ways, things in my own personal bubble seemed to be going okay.  There were highs and lows, celebrations and challenges but overall at the end of the year despite what was going on around me I still found myself feeling grateful for everything I have and for my friends and family.

We're two months into 2017 and it's been a bit challenging so far.  I was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease-a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis (I can't even pronounce whatever it is).  It's left me in terrible pain and on some days has prevented me from doing basic routine things...like driving, blow drying my hair, opening a jar of jelly, and of course sewing.  Not to mention I haven't been able to exercise in months.  I've always been one to exercise a few times a week but I'm also not like a work out freak or anything.  But not being able to do it has made realize how good it is for me not just physically but also mentally.  So the lack of exercise, the constant pain and the complete change in diet that I've been experimenting with has left me a touch blue to say the least.  But...I'm exploring medications, I have appointments with naturopaths to explore alternatives and overall I know that there is a resolution to this...I just have to figure out what it is and that takes time.  So while the past few months have pretty much sucked a** I still feel thankful that it's not anything worse.  

Other than working through that sucky situation it's been pretty busy.  City Kid has been busier this winter than ever before (usually post holiday months are dead!), we're working on some minor home improvement projects, and we just had a delightful trip down to California.  We caught up with dear friends and then took Parker to Disney for the first time which was long overdue.

Hoping that the next few months are brighter as spring approaches...not just for me but for friends, family and everyone around.  

Happy very belated 2017!