Awesome Art....

I'm obsessing over this beautiful art by Erin Wetzel...


Erin's folk art scenes in watercolor and ink depict anthropomorphic critters with relatable expressions, capturing aspects of the human spirit often difficult to talk about. She mixes classic Americana with a contemporary aesthetic, blending fairy tales and modern life. Erin’s art touches you intimately. Passionate about the idea that honoring each of us as individuals is essential for building connection and community, her art is yet funny and heartfelt, planting seeds of joy for a harvest of laughter at each new encounter.  


I'm lucky enough to have met Erin though a network of other artists and she is literally like a ray of sunshine.  We've vended together at several craft shows this season and she is so upbeat and positive to be around.  I'm patiently waiting for some of her originals to be available as prints so I can have a few of these beauties for myself!