Summer Craft Fairs...

Craft Show season is here!  It's two weeks into summer and so far I've had three shows, thus keeping me very busy.

The first was on the smaller side.  The First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square for June.  It was short and sweet compared some of the others.  About 4 hours on a Thursday evening.  Kind of a lot of work to set up a full booth just for 4 hours but it was a lovely evening in the park and I enjoyed getting to know some of the vendors and chatting with passerbys and park goers.

Next up was The Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show.  Let me begin by saying that in the "craft show" world Urban Craft Uprising is kind of like the goddess of all shows.  It exudes coolness.  And it can be difficult as a vendor to get a spot at one of their shows because everyone wants in!  But I finally did after several tries of applying.  And overall it was a great experience.  My sales were great, the show is run so well by the organizers and I met so many great people both customers and vendors.  I even got an instagram message from one customer after the show telling me how inspiring my clothing was and that it was motivating her to sew more.  How cool is that?!  I'd do it again any day and am hoping for a spot in their upcoming holiday show.

I worked really hard on updating my booth display this year.  I built two racks out of piping and crates, I mounted photos and descriptions of my process on foam core, and I added a coloring table for kiddos to sit at and color at while their parents sift through my threads.  I had my designer friend Stephanie Corfee make a digital file of a huge doodley coloring page for me and it's been a great addition!

A few more pics from Urban Craft Uprising:

Next was the Wedgwood Art Festival which was just this past weekend.  I love this show.  This is the third year I've vended at it and it's such a great show!  Below is a pic from Sunday morning before the market opened.

The Wedgwood Art Festival is more of a family bands every hour, arts and crafts for kids, food trucks and of course vendors.  And it's in my own neighborhood so I know a ton of people that come.  Overall it's just a fun, laid back event.

A few more pics from Wedgwood:

Parker has been an amazing little helper at these shows too.  She's finally at an age where she can help out a bit. She packages up people's items, give me bathroom breaks, gets me food and keeps me company.  At the Wedgwood show she even was doing coffee runs to the coffee truck for some of the other vendors!

So that's what I've been up to the past few weeks.  These shows are exhausting but super fun. My next one is in three weeks.  I've sold out basically in a ton of stuff so I'll be sewing my butt off for the next few weeks.  That's also why my website is completely out of one of a kind items.  After the summer craft show season I'll be replenishing the site.

I've also had a few questions via instagram about my new booth display racks.  I took pictures as I built it so I'll try and do a post on that some time soon.

Until then...hope you're summer is going well!!