Bathroom Refresh....

A few posts back I was drooling over the color black for interiors.  So I went for it in our upstairs bathroom!

We gutted and renovated this bathroom about nine years ago.  And it hasn't been painted since then...eek!  The paint was chipping on the door and around the closet and overall the color (which I used to love) was just feeling blah.  It was one of those things where every time I was in there it got on my nerves and just kept bugging me.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore so on President's weekend I painted it...with the help of my husband of course who did most of the prep work.

Here is a before picture:

It was painted silver sage by Restoration Hardware.  I really like this color.  Our kitchen is actually painted a lighter shade of this.  But it was just time for a change...a dramatic one!

The black I chose is Tom Cat by Kensington and Clark which I got at Ace Hardware.  I did no testing of colors...I always do this and usually it works.  They only had about 4 shades of black anyway so I just picked the one that seemed the truest black and had them mix it up.  I painted the wall behind the vanity and the wall that the door is on black and the other two walls I wanted bright white.  Again I did no testing out different whites...I went in the store and just picked out the brightest white swatch I could find and went with it.  It's so bright white that it makes the subway tile look off white when the tile used to look bright white!  Regardless, I LOVE how it all turned out!

I did a few minor decor changes as well.  I had a printed shower curtain in there that I swapped out for a plain white waffle weave one from our downstairs bathroom.  The curtain used to plain white but I wanted a pop of color so I made a new one.  I got the pink lawn fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics.  And to finish it off I added a new black rag rug from Urban Outfitters.  So in total the project probably cost about $190.  Pretty good for a whole new look!

Happy Tuesday!  I'm off to make a ton of upcycled t-shirt dresses!