Christmas Vacation, Jersey Style...

Just thought I'd share a few pics of our east coast holiday...

Dave and I had a night out in New York City with our Seattle besties who were also there visiting family.  I've done NYC many times before but it was super fun to do it with our good peeps from home.  NYC is pretty magical at night during the holidays...every corner you turn there are pretty lights and decorations.  And it turned out to be one of those awesome unplanned nights where you just go with the flow and see where the night takes you.  We stumbled upon awesome bars and an even better speakeasy without even looking.  It was a super fun night spent with awesome friends.

Also in NYC...these two Seattle besties had a surprise meet up at the American Girl Doll store.  Apparently 9 year old girls don't realize how close New York and New Jersey are because they both knew the other one was going to visit family but it never occurred to them that they might be close enough to meet up.  Needless to say they were pretty shocked to run into one another at the American Girl Doll store in NYC and then have lunch with one other there.  I mean just look at their happy faces...priceless!  Parker said it was her best Christmas present ever!

And Parker got lots of quality time and cousin love with these three cuties.  The four of them are the best together and I so wish we lived closer!


And talk about's that for a lot of cousins?!  That would be my dad's side of the family and all of my cousins who we spent Christmas day with at the Jersey shore.  It's a fun crew to say the least and always fun to catch up with them!

So I think that sums up our Jersey Christmas vacation!  We also had a few days when we got home to relax, hit the mountains and play in the snow. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better break.  Now it's back to the grind.  I've got a super busy month sewing up spring samples for photo shoots.  I'm really excited about City Kid Style's spring/summer collection and although it's a ton of work ahead, I'm excited to get started on it!

Happy New Year!