For every "quick little shoot" that I make Parker do, I get about 3 good shots for hmmm...like every 50!  

The rest depend on what her mood is...either completely annoyed that I'm making her model for me, or just acting like a complete goof ball.  Yesterday she was being a total goof ball.  And she made me promise to actually use some of the goofy pictures.  In the above picture she wouldn't get out of my face...she was so close the camera wouldn't even snap a picture!  Here are a few more out takes from yesterday:

And of course in between all of these goofball poses she's laughing hysterically because she's just cracking herself up.  And I much prefer this kind of shoot to the one where she's just completely annoyed and rolling her eyes at me.  At least in this one we were both laughing...a lot. I do love her goofy little personality.

And as I said...every once in a while I get a good shot or two...like this one:

And on a side note...I'm a little in love with the bubble top that she's wearing.  It's a size 8/9...maybe a touch small for her...I think she's almost a size up and should be a 10/11.  Where does the time go...when I started this business she was only a size 6/7...maybe even smaller!  Anyhow, I'll have several new lovelies including this one listed in the shop next week!

Happy weekend!