Sewing Projects.....

I keep telling myself that I'm going to start sewing more for myself....

But alas, after sewing for City Kid, running a business and taking care of a family, I can't ever seem to find the time.  But I have a ton of inspiration on my Pinterest sewing projects page.  Here are a few of my faves that I keep telling myself I'm going to do:

This amazing top to throw over a bathing suit, wear to the pool or lounge around the yard in.  This would actually be easy peasy to make! from here

And this fantastic drawstring linen bag to go with that top above.  I can throw all my pool loot in there, bring it to summer farmers markets (that I never go to)...I'm just envisioning myself waltzing around in that top with this pretty bag on my shoulder! from here

Another super cute top.  This one could be for the pool, and would also look lovely over leggings for a night out. from here

I am drooling over this linen just screams summer!  Again, I think it would be pretty easy to make. from here

And lastly, how about something for my home?  I'm in love with this curtain.  I need to start collecting little hankies like these so I can make my own! from here

So we'll see if any of this happens over the summer.  I actually did recently make my self a cute self drafted tank out of some left over City Kid fabric.  As soon as I have a picture of myself in it I'll post it.  Hopefully I'll have made a few the above items to share as well!  

Oh and how about that cute picture up top?!  I wish I looked that cute when I was sewing away!  I'm usually in my workout gear or pj's!

Happy Friday!