Pretty little things....

I love pretty little, clothing, toys, and especially home decor.  About a year ago I somehow stumbled upon the blog of Lori Marie and I fell in love with her little shop.  To be exact, I think I saw one of her pretty little dream catchers pinned on pinterest and I went directly to her site and purchased it as a present for Parker, who has a little dream catcher collection.  Her shop is appropriately named "Pretty Little Things"  because that's just what she makes...pretty little things.  Dreamcatchers, mobiles, flowered crowns and the most darling bohemian dolls I've ever seen.  I now follow her Facebook feed and every time one of her new creations pops up I'm ooing and ahhing over it's goodness.  I just want it all!

And below is a picture of the pretty crocheted dreamcatcher with gold stars hanging above Parker's bed (it blows the other two out of the of which Parker made herself!):

I think I may need to get one of the pretty little colorful ones to add to Parker's collection!  Don't you think?!  

So if you're ever in the market for a special present for a special little girl, or if you just want to add some pure prettiness to your now know where to go!

Happy Tuesday!

-all photos via Lorie Marie FB and shop