French Shopping...Part 2

A little more on some Parisian shopping for you:  Bensimon

I've always had a thing for Bensimon tennis shoes.  I have a pair that my sister picked up for me a few years ago in Paris.  But honestly I think I could have every color in the rainbow.  I feel like they're the French version of converse!  Just a staple that you need in your shoe selection!

So I was super psyched to hit up the Bensimon store when I was there in November.  There are several locations but I went to the one in the Marais on Rue de Francs Bourgeois (pictured above).  Unfortunately by the time we got there we had already been shopping around quite a bit and Parker was at the end of her rope.  An 8 year old can only handle so much shopping when it doesn't involve toys!  So my time was super limited.  And that was rather difficult because that store is AMAZING!  Nevermind the piles of tennis shoes in every color of the rainbow that I was drooling over...but the home ware accessories, purses, bags, jewelry, clothing....I was in heaven!  But alas, I only had so much time.  So I quickly picked out a purse for myself and a dishtowel for a friend.  And now I am kicking myself for not sending Dave and Parker off for some chocolat chaud so that I could spend time more shopping!

And yes...if you are wondering you can find some Bensimon products online in the U.S.  Many places carry their tennis shoes and you can find a small selection of their bags online.  But only a few.  Unfortunately the official online Bensimon store does not ship to the U.S. although I emailed them and they said that they are working on it.  Here are some of my fave picks from their website...including my purse in the first picture that I picked up at their store:

I haven't been able to find any of the above bags online for shipping to the U.S. but maybe they're out there somewhere.  But you can find tennis shoes like the ones pictured below in the U.S....I'm pretty sure Amazon sells them.  And as I said...they're a good staple to have in your wardrobe!

Happy Shopping and Happy Wednesday!