A few happenings from the home front...

First of all the weather in Seattle has been AMAZING.  Winter?  Well, it didn't come to the Pacific Northwest this year.  I guess it's a major bummer for all of the ski people around...but unlike the rest of my family, I'm not a huge snow sport kind of gal so I've been loving the warm weather!


Another amazing weather picture from a lovely girls' weekend in Suncadia last weekend.  I had lots of fun catching up with my favorite ladies.

This picture is what I call "Girl Scout Hell"!  Yes...I've been in over my head in all things having to do with Girl Scout cookies.  I'm the cookie manager for Parker's troop so that's been my world for the last few weeks.  But it's almost over so there's a light at the end of a tunnel!  And all for a good cause....Parker LOVES her Girl Scout troop.

I have to share a picture of last night's dinner.  Pizza with crust made from zucchini.  I'm actually pretty proud of myself because I'm not much of a cook.  And shredding all those zucchinis was time consuming.  But it was well worth it because it was sooo yummy.  Dave absolutely loved it.  I posted this picture on instagram and several people have asked for the recipe so here it is: Zucchini Crust Pizza from My Humble Kitchen.

The above is a shot of the art auction project I did for Parker's class.  They a hard time for someone to head it up so I finally caved and volunteered.  Each child decorated a heart and then I mounted them onto a canvas that I had painted black and then sealed it with modge podge.  If I had more time I think it could have been nicer but considering it was very last minute I think it turned out okay!

On the City Kid front...I've started making these adorable drawstring bags out of fabric scraps to use out for packaging.  Any orders over $30 will come packaged in one.  I kind of love them!  Other things are in the works as well...mainly a couple of new styles that I'm working on.  But making new patterns doesn't come easy to me so it's a lot of trial and error and I perfect it.  So behind the scenes that's pretty much what I've been doing the past few weeks!

Nothing else too new...Hope things are well on everyone else's home front!  

Happy Thursday!