Some photos of my finished sewing room!  I think I showed a sneak peek of it a few weeks ago. And it's not that different from before the flood.  But I did make some minor changes that seem to make a big difference.  The main one being that I painted the floor black and one wall blue.  I also moved the dress rack into our guest room closet so it freed up the whole wall and it just makes it seem a bit bigger overall.

The one wall above is my favorite.  Without the dress rack, I was able to hang up a few pictures of all my little city kids...I love how this wall turned out.  I also really like my new macrame plant holder!  The turkish rug is also new to the space (it came from my mom's house) and I think it really warms up the room.

Above is a shot of that whole side of the room.  I also whipped up the curtain out of some fabric that I had stashed and couldn't figure out what to do with.  It matches the room perfectly!

My cutting table...It looks pretty much the same!

And the messier side of the screen printing corner.  That dresser is actually Parker's old diaper table!  It holds all of my screens, paint and other supplies.  And the top folds open so I have a nice big surface for screen printing on!

And lastly, here's the view from the basement hallway....

It's funny because for a long time, I dreamed of building our garage into an official sewing studio. And while that would still be lovely, I don't feel the need to do that anymore.  Taking a few items out of my sewing area and giving it some new color has really made a huge difference. It totally warms up the space and I really enjoy being in there.  Which I guess is good because I spend about 5 hours a day in there!

Happy Wednesday!