Reflections on 8...

This sweet, quirky little girl is almost 9....

And my, how time flies.  I'll try and keep this brief and not too sappy.  But the other night I was laying in bed with her before I said goodnight to her and I was just listening to her chit chat away. And it blew my mind that 8 years have gone by since she came into our lives.  I feel like I've known her forever...but at the same time it feels like just yesterday that she entered this world.

Anyhow, it made me start to think about the past year...her 8th year.  And I have to say that overall it's been pretty delightful.  I'm sure I think this every year but I really think that age 8 might be the perfect age.  She's just on the fence between a little girl and a big girl.  She's independent enough to do so many things that make me super proud of her but still young enough that she still needs to be guided and protected.  She's old enough to carry on an interesting and mature conversation with me yet young enough that every once in blue moon she still confuses words or syllables and it sounds so cute that you don't correct it.... because while it used to happen all the time, it rarely happens anymore.   And she's old enough that she can help take care of the dogs or even watch a friend's baby for a few minutes, but young enough that she still wants to cuddle and have hugs from her parents (her favorite saying is "There's always time for a hug.")

It's like all of the aspects of the amazing young woman that she's becoming are starting to take over and the cute little girl/little baby aspects of her personality are slowly fading...but not completely. They still pop out every once in a while and I'm holding on to them as tight as possible!

And as I said, this year has been pretty delightful....sure she's had her moments as all kids do but for the most part she's been well behaved, funny, loving, helpful and independent.  Those are all constant traits in her personality but sometimes they're just more apparent then others.  Of course she can also be whiney and sassy and has a few other less desirable traits but those ones have been pretty dormant this past year!  Some years it's the opposite...but not this year-it's been all good!

Not sure what the next year holds....I've seen some glimpses of pre-teen behavior and I'm not sure how I feel about it.  I feel like I just want to hug and squeeze her and hang on to her just like she is! However, I will always remember that once when Parker was an infant, my sister-in-law Jenny told me that every year with your child is better than the previous year.  I remember her saying that and staring down at my tiny little baby wondering how it could ever get better than that.  But as the years have gone by I have to admit that Jenny was right.  Every year brings something new and wonderful.  So I'm certain that they'll be more Parker goodness that will blow my mind in the coming year!

Happy Wednesday!