Be Yourself....

...everyone else is already taken.

I'm so excited about the release of these tee shirts.  I have had the idea for a screen print graphic using this quote for so long now.  And all I had to do was throw it there to my trusty friend Stephanie Corfee and she brought it to fruition with a perfect blend of whimsical doodles that any girl will love!  

It's such an important message for young just be yourself.  As I see Parker entering the tween years I can see a bit of a change in behavior among the girls.  Nothing too drastic...but I hear it in their conversations and see it reflected in their imaginary play....what's cool, who's cool, what's dorky, etc... Parker is fortunate to have a great group of close friends who look out for one another and keep each other in check,  as well as a good group of girls in her fourth grade class that all seem pretty inclusive and accepting.  I can only hope that will carry on through middle school and high school.  But she is sure to run into "mean girls" or "mean people" and hopefully she will always be able to stay true to herself and also be a good friend to others no matter who they choose to be.  She is such a sweet and accepting girl that I'm pretty sure she's on the right track...but I do feel like it is an important value to continually revisit and nurture in children.  

This past summer Parker and I started watching the Glee series.  We're pretty much addicted and are now in season 4.  It's full of high school drama including bullying, friendship and romance.  It definitely has some mature content so unless you're prepared to discuss topics like teen pregnancy with your child, I wouldn't suggest it (there even a few episodes I didn't let her watch as they were too mature!).    But one continuing theme throughout this series that has been a great lesson for Parker is that of acceptance.  We have watched characters in this show start out as bratty, mean, and down right awful people...who evolve into good friends and accepting individuals.  In this show it doesn't matter if you're a football player, cheerleader, drama queen, straight, gay, transgender...they all stick together, and have each others backs for when others are not so accepting.  Every main character in this show learns to love others for who they are and learn that it's okay to just be yourself.  It's for a sure a bit of a soap opera...Dave can't keep up with who is dating who on the show!   But if you like good TV, music and dance and a good overall's a good one....You may just want to wait until your kid is 16 to watch it with them!!

So head over to the shop page and grab your girls one of these awesome tees! And with the purchase of this tee you'll receive a FREE coloring page download of this exclusive design...perfect for framing once your child has added their own touch of color to!

Oh-and this amazing pictures...thank you to Gina from Phoenix Street for these beauties!

Happy Wednesday!