French Shopping....

I've been meaning to do a post on shopping in Paris since I got back...or maybe that would take a few posts.  Obviously that hasn't happened yet.  But I was just perusing through my Pinterest "Wish List" board to find some other pin that I was looking for.  And while doing so, I stumbled upon the picture below that I pinned a while back and it totally reminded me of an awesome brand that I discovered while in Paris:

I remember pinning it and being obsessed with everything about this little bag...the design, the bright pink, the fact that it was a little bag (I like little bags!), and of course that it was French. However, I pinned it well over a year ago and forgot all about it until I just stumbled back upon it.

But now back to the awesome brand I discovered in's a little collection of cushions, tea towels and other home accessories called La Cerise Sur Le Gateau (the cherry on the cake). Well, there was a tiny little design store on Rue de Martyrs in the 9th right down the street from our apartment.  I kept passing by and drooling over everything in the window but for whatever reason whenever I made a point to go to this store, it was always closed (closed for lunch hour, closed on Sunday, closed on Veteran's Day, etc...).  Fortunately, it was about 2 minutes away from our apartment and on the way to the grocery store, metro, etc...and since I was in Paris for several weeks, I knew I'd be able to pop in at some point.  And I did...and I probably spent about an hour in this tiny little store! But the thing that I was most obsessed with were these tea towels by La Cerise Sur Le Gateau. They were hanging all over the walls of the store and looked like works of art.  There was one in particular that I just had to have and the women couldn't find an extra one and were not willing to sell me the one hanging on the wall.  I kept persisting and one of them finally went in the back room and dug one up...apparently the last one.

Pretty awesome right?! I knew as soon as I saw it that I had to have it framed and hanging in my kitchen.  Below are a few of the others that I bought as well...and not all at once...I kept going back, because seeing as how it was right before the holidays I kept remembering people I could by them for....or birthdays coming up, or holiday parties that they'd make great hostess gifts for.

Do you recognize that last one?  It's the same print as the pink bag that I pinned over a year ago. The whole time I was buying these tea towels I didn't even remember that I had already spied this designer somewhere else....It was just a happy coincidence and meant to be I guess!

And below is a picture of the lovely "Marguerite" framed in my kitchen...Apologies for the poor iphone photo but it's 11:15 at night and I'm too tired to take a good picture and then edit it...

But despite this poor quality of a photo...she really does look fabulous hanging there!

And in case you happen to find yourself shopping in Paris and wish to check out this fun little design store, it's called 3 Par 5 and it's in the 9th on Rue des Martyrs just past Rue Clauzel.  And there are lots of other great boutiques, bistros and boulangeries right around there so it's an area definitely worth exploring!

Happy Sunday...or Monday morning depending on when you're reading this!