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New Cloth Napkins!

This year I decided to be a little more practical with my New Year's resolutions than the typical "be healthy," or "work out more."  I should always be healthy and work out more and in general I'm a kind of healthy and work out....so I feel like it's a cop out to list that year after year.  So this year I decided to make some resolutions that were a little more practical.

One of those is to start using cloth napkins.  Before yesterday, I owned maybe 2 sets of cloth napkins.  They are both about 10 years old and not that exciting and I only ever pull them out at dinner parties.  I know that using only 3 paper towels at dinner every night for my little family doesn't seem like a lot.  But multiply that times 6 (we usually eat out about once a week) and that's 18 per week....about 81 per month and about 972 per year.  That's a lot of waste!  Not to mention I do value our dinner times together as a family and I do feel like using cloth napkins, lighting a candle, etc...makes it more of a nice ritual that Parker will grow to love and find meaningful.  Hence my New Years' resolution!

But I couldn't quite find any that I liked.  So I decided to make my own.  It was the easiest DIY on earth!  I ordered two fat quarter bundles from Hawthorne Threads and pretty much just serged up the edges.  I chose the Arizona fat quarter bundle and the What A Gem fat quarter bundle.  

Here they are (above) before I cut and serged them.  Each bundle came with 8 fat quarters for about 21 bucks.  What I love about the fat quarter bundles is that you get a mix of one collection. So they don't all match but they still coordinate.  How fun...everyone at the dinner table gets a different napkin but they have the same color scheme or theme. 

I did cut off about 3 inches from each fabric piece to make it more of a perfect square...pictured below:

And here they are all serged up:

I LOVE LOVE LOVE them!!  I chose a rolled hem which makes a nice sturdy edge.  I suppose if you don't have a serger you could use a zig zag stitch but it wouldn't look as clean.  You could also definitely do a regular fold over hem... it would be a touch more work...but not much!

I'm also really pleased with the fabric I chose.  Our house has a pretty eclectic vibe because Dave and I have such differing aesthetics.  Our house is a 50's style brick rambler and Dave has a very mid century style when it comes to furnishings, etc...I have much more of an antiquey or bohemian style.  Somehow it all works in our house with out clashing too much.  But I feel like these two bundles are perfect for each of us.  The Arizona bundle (which is the lighter more aztecy one pictured above) leans more towards Dave's style.  The What a Gem bundle (the navy blue ones) is a little more flowery, has dream cathers, feathers, etc...and is a touch more my style. So they both fit in our home! 

And tie them up with a piece of twine and you've got a great little gift!  

Okay I think I've rambled on enough about cloth napkins!  It's the little things in life like this that get me excited!  I'll leave you with one final picture of a few of these lovelies put to use last night at dinner!

Happy Thursday!