Paris on my mind....

I had several blog posts planned for the last week...but it seems ridiculous to be posting about home decor, fun Seattle happenings, or fashion when the events in Paris, and our family friends there are weighing so heavily on my mind.   It breaks my heart that Paris, which is like my happy place, has been a city under siege for the past few days.  And at the same time it's inspriring to see the unity and solidarity that France has shown as well as the outpouring of support that they have received.  I waver between feeling terrified of this crazy world that we live in and on the flip side feeling like the good will outweigh the bad.  

As most of you know, I grew up in Paris, so it's close to my heart.  My father was an American diplomat which is why we lived there and which also meant that I learned what terrorism was at a very young age.  During our time abroad there were terror acts against Americans.  And not just any Americans, but ones very close to my father.  I'll spare the details but I've been reflecting on all of that over the past few days....Basically (and remember this is a kid's perspective) I always thought the good guys would just band together and get the bad guys and terrorism would go away...but it's like a cancer that just keeps spreading and getting worse.  Obviously after 9/11 that's something that all Americans have come to know.  But the past week's events in Paris make me wonder if it's ever going away and scares me for what's to come.  

Ironically, the same day that the events in Paris started unfolding, there was an incident in the Shoreline school district just about 5 minutes north of Seattle.  An armed man was seen at an elementary school and threatened a school employee.  The whole district shut down schools for the day. Unfortunately the guy fled and still has yet to be found.  I've been so consumed with the news in Paris that I haven't even looked into what happened with that.  But by the end of the week, I was feeling like we really are just living in a world of fear.  A world where you can't walk into a grocery store with out worrying or where you can't feel safe sending your child into their public school.  

I know these thoughts of mine are pretty over anxious (I tend to be an anxious person)...but I'm guessing that these thoughts are hiding in the back of everyone's minds.  We want to not be afraid and we want to be able to go about our daily lives carelessly but that fear is hiding somewhere.  But I guess if we let it show than the terrorists and crazies have won.  By taking away our freedom to feel safe in our world they will have won.  Which is why it was so inspiring to see the millions of people around the world who rallied in honor of Paris...or in honor of everyone's freedom really.  Maybe all the good guys are finally banding together to get the bad guys.

I'll leave it at that.  Because I know that I really don't have any serious intellectual thoughts on the matter.  But I just kind of had to dump all my thoughts out before I continue my everyday posts on subjects like what color I'd like to paint my kitchen.  So thank you for reading.

 "Liberté, j’écris ton nom" Paul Eluard