Catch Up!

I'm loving my new website!  But I'm also missing my old blog!  This new one just seems like such an empty space!  Because, is!  So I thought I'd play a little catch up in the next few posts for those of you who are new around here. 

That way you can get to know me a little better!  I thought I'd start with my family...I post a lot of pictures about my family and our "happenings" meaning the fun stuff we've been up to.  Just a tiny glimpse into our lives to see what we've been doing.

So, to start with...if you're wondering who that little skater girl is for my logo she's my daughter, is the photo that was the inspiration for that drawing:

And here is our little family all together:

Oh and I cant forget these two rascals...Sophie and Lucy:

So that's my family in a very quick nutshell!  Dave and I also have several sisters each which means lots of cousins.  We also have our "Seattle Family" which means a very close group of friends who will surely show up in this space from time to time! 

My next few posts will probably include some sort of former crafty goodness, past home projects and probably some recent City Kid happenings.  So stay tuned!