Happenings...Instagram Style

A few pics of what's been going on in the home front lately:

After over two whole months... the basement will finally be put back together from the flood damage.  My sewing studio is pretty much there! 

The weather in Seattle has been a bit wacky...this week has been dry.  But last week it was rain then sun constantly...which made for some very pretty rainbows!  This shot was taken from Parker's school playground when I picked her up one day.

I got my first Girl Charlee Knit Fix bag the the other day!  Once a month you can order it and it is filled with surprise fabrics!  Two yards of each...and I love everything I got!

We got our tree....

And the next day we went back and got a Charlie Brown tree!  Parker really wanted a little tree this year so we decided to give one a home!  One of my favorite things to do during the holidays is to enjoy my coffee by the light of the tree early in the morning before anyone is awake.  Just me and the doggies who are all curled up on their beds. 

And finally...Parker and her two besties at a recent holiday party.   They are probably what you would call "forced besties" because their families and ours are such good friends so they have been forced to hang out since they were babies...but thankfully these girlies clicked and they love one another so much!  They melt my heart!

I think that's it for today!  Dave and I have a lot of work tonight as we prep our basement for carpet....but by Friday we should have everything back in it's place!!  And on top of that I'm trying feverishly to finish City Kid holiday orders by the end of the week so that I can enjoy Parker's two weeks out of school with her...so the next few days are busy to say the least.  But none the less feeling very thankful for the business of the holidays that we get to enjoy with friends and family for our cozy little home!!

Happy Wednesday!