Everything is better....

...in Paris...really it is!  The coffee is better, the wine is better, the fabric is to die for and like nothing I ever find in the U.S.!  The women are more chic and actually, the men are too...including the straight guys too...in Paris men don't have to be gay to have a good sense of style!  The children are so cute, so well dressed and so well mannered.  And what's with the stereotype that the French are rude?  I always thought that maybe since I grew up here I was just immune to that thought but now that I'm older I realize it's not that they're rude...they're just not fake.  They're not going to follow you around a store asking if you need help, they're not going to hover around your table at a restaurant...you may have to ask for help but once you do, they're perfectly willing to help.  And if you actually start talking to them (yes, you may have to know french), they're actually quite happy to have a conversation with you!  

Anyhow, it's delightful to be here.  I've had a great few days with my mom just walking around the city...enjoying coffee, wine, shopping and good food.  The best part about having grown up in Paris is that when you come to visit you don't need to waste your time site seeing...you can actually just go with the flow and really enjoy the city!  And tomorrow my two favorite peeps will join me...maybe we'll do a little sightseeing once they show up!

Until then... a few shots of the city and what we've been up to!

These two pictures are from the most amazing fabric store in the Marais...serious eye candy to say the least.  Even non-fabric lovers would enjoy this store!

The scones and croissants are pure buttery goodness...and don't even get me started on the coffee...it blows Starbucks right out of the water!

The top of Rue des Martiers, in our hood.  An average city street doesn't get much prettier!

A flower market in Saint Germain des Pres....so pretty!

Okay...I won't inundate you with pictures...especially because if you follow me on instagram you've already seen them.  And because they'll be more to come!  I really do love Paris...but I guess most everyone does!

Happy weekend!