Paris Street Style....

Some of you may remember from my last blog that I have a big trip planned.  And it is fast approaching!  I am counting down the days.  I actually feel like a kid I'm so excited!  Whenever we have a trip planned Parker usually asks me about a month in advance if she can start packing...and of course I always laugh and tell her we'll pack the day before we leave.  But this time around It's me who's wanting to pack that far in advance.  I've still got a few weeks to go and every day I'm tempted to pull out my suit case and start filling it!

And that brings me to my next question...what to pack for Paris?!  I feel like I have a halfway decent sense of style...But I was recently telling a friend that I feel like I'm going to get there and feel like a big frump compared to all the sophisticated Parisian women! 

Have you seen this book?

My mom recently sent it to me and I love it!  I love sitting on the couch with my coffee (or wine!) and looking at all the lovely French ladies looking so stylish.  And the funny thing is that many of them are not over the top made up.  Many of them may not even have make up on.  As the title says, French women are so effotlessly chic.  They can just throw on a pair of jeans, their hair in a pony tail and some pretty accessories and they look fabulous.  And maybe that's the key...they're not necessarily walking around in their workout wear like many Americans are...but they're also not getting completely made up just to run errands.  They're maybe wearing jeans and a t-shirt...but they thrown on some pretty sparkly shoes that pulls it all together.

And then maybe I was thinking that the city of Paris is so beautiful that maybe it's that backdrop that does it.  The other day I was sitting at a red light here in Seattle and a woman was walking down the street wearing a long plaid skirt with a white t-shirt and big belt...almost like  a little house on the prairie look...but she paired the outfit with motorcycle boots.  In Seattle it just seems kind of like a grunge look...but I thought to myself that if she were walking around the streets of Paris someone would probably snap a picture for some fashion blog or something.

Anyhow, I digress....I'll be packing my skinny jeans, a few tank tops and my black cardigan and of course my sequined silver flats (my fall uniform) and hope that I don't look like a complete American!  Because, hey, I did grow up in Paris so hopefully more of that will shine though then the 11 years of Seattle that I have in me!

I'll leave you with a few street style shots of Paris!

I had to throw that last one in...I mean I think anything goes in she can get away with pairing a chunky knit hat with that outfit is beyond me but she totally pulls it off!

btw-all images via PopSugar

Happy Thursday!