Happenings...instagram style....

A few happenings from what's been going on in the City Kid Style home life...

Fall has officially hit Seattle...it's chilly, rainy and I love it....everyone has their Halloween lights up, it's getting dark early and there's just an all around cozy feeling!  When it's still raining like this in April I'll hate it but for now it's kind of a welcome feeling that just makes me enjoy being in the coziness of our home!

Still sewing in the dining room.  And still waiting on the city to get moving on paying us for all the flood damage so we can get started on re-carpeting, drywalling the basement etc....I've decided I'm going to embrace the opportunity and am looking at changes I want to make to my sewing studio...now that everything is moved out of there I have a blank canvas to work with.  It won't be anything major...but stay tuned!

The above three photos are from a dear friend's wedding that was a few weekends ago at Golden Gardens here in Seattle.  Now that we're "older" weddings are few and far between....gone are the days when we have multiple weddings to attend a summer!  It was super fun to be back in the whole wedding scene and it was even better celebrating a wonderful couple and catching up with friends.  And don't even get me started on the dance party...let's just say that one of my friends threw her back out two days later and I'm pretty sure it was from too much dancing!

I can't forget our family selfie that we took right before the wedding!

And finally...I'll leave you with a picture of this lovely rooster.  This was right in front of Parker's school.  We actually see this guy trolling around the hood quite often.  He was on his way back to his home which is right behind that fence.  Only in Seattle do you actually have to stop the car to let a rooster cross the road.

That's about it for now!  Happy Thursday!!