House Love...

I am loving the home of Trina McNeilly from LaLaLovely.  She actually lives in her childhood home!  How cool is that?  I stumbled upon these images of her home when I pinned these first two pictures of her daughter's's the perfect combo of cool but girly.

And I'm loving everything else about the home....I especially love the playroom and the fact that they have a swing in their living room...Parker would be in heaven! 

all images via StyleMePretty

I Love that it's her childhood home.  I would love for my little family to be able to live in my mother's Washington, DC home that I spent my high school years in (and that she still lives in)...or how about our Paris apartment that I spent most of childhood in?!  Alas, we could never afford either!  But our cozy little Seattle home will do...maybe someday I'll give you a house tour!

Happy Monday