First Up.....

First up in my line up for summer shows is Edmonds Spring Fest this Saturday!


The weather is supposed to be gorgeous and Edmonds is a charming waterfront town full of adorable shops and restaurants.  Throw in a handmade market run by Urban Craft Uprising and you have a perfect way to spend an afternoon!  Hope to see you there!

Awesome Art....

I'm obsessing over this beautiful art by Erin Wetzel...


Erin's folk art scenes in watercolor and ink depict anthropomorphic critters with relatable expressions, capturing aspects of the human spirit often difficult to talk about. She mixes classic Americana with a contemporary aesthetic, blending fairy tales and modern life. Erin’s art touches you intimately. Passionate about the idea that honoring each of us as individuals is essential for building connection and community, her art is yet funny and heartfelt, planting seeds of joy for a harvest of laughter at each new encounter.  


I'm lucky enough to have met Erin though a network of other artists and she is literally like a ray of sunshine.  We've vended together at several craft shows this season and she is so upbeat and positive to be around.  I'm patiently waiting for some of her originals to be available as prints so I can have a few of these beauties for myself!  


A few shots from one of my most favorite places ever.....


Every year at the end of the summer we head down to Cannon Beach with some of the best of friends.  Five other families, and this year we added a sixth.  Our kids have grown up together and have spent at least a week every summer together in this magical little beach town.  We all stay in the cutest little cottages, we spend our days at the beach boogie boarding, surfing, playing in the water and our nights by beach bonfires.  The kids are in heaven, the dogs are in heaven and the parents are so relaxed.  

It's almost a bittersweet trip because I literally count down the days every summer until this trip but it also marks the end of summer.  But somehow, as much as I don't ever want to leave when I'm down there, I come back ready for fall and ready to get back into the routine of every day life.

And if I ever strike it rich I will be buying my own little cottage down there so that I can spend my whole summer there!!

Eating Paleo.....

I rarely post about major personal stuff and I definitely rarely post about food.  But this past year I've basically made a major lifestyle change in the way I eat so I thought I'd share a bit about that.

So just at the start of the year I was diagnosed with an auto immune disease called Palindromic Rheumatism.  It's similar to Rheumatoid Arthritis but also a little different.  Basically in a nut shell my immune system is mistakenly attacking my joints.  It results in debilitating pain in either one joint at a time or worse case scenario, multiple joints at a time.  I've had days where I can't get out of bed, nights where I can't sleep because every tiny movement results in terrible pain.  And I've discovered that I have joints in places I never would have my throat and jaw... and when I've had flares in those joints I've had to drink smoothies for two days straight because it's too painful to swallow or open my mouth.  And doing simple every day things like turning a steering wheel or opening a zip lock bag has sometimes been impossible due to the pain.  And sewing...well let's just say I've lost many days of work these past few months.

I won't go into detail about my drug options to control this disease.  But they're pretty heavy duty drugs...ones that are used to treat malaria and others that are immune supressors that have a host of side effects.  So I've been fighting the drugs kicking and screaming.  

Enter a paleo and whole 30 diet.  There's a ton of research to suggest that wheat, dairy and sugar cause inflammation to your joints which is essentially is what is happening to mine.  So I embarked on a paleo and whole 30 diet.  And I shouldn't call it a diet..because really it's a life style change...I'll forever be on this diet.  And before I give any of you out there with an auto immune disease false hope that this diet will rid you of your disease, It may not.  Or maybe for some of you it will....but it didn't completely work for me.  However, it has helped and overall has made me much healthier which is why I'm choosing to stay on it.

I'm not going to go into detail about what paleo or whole 30 is.  But it's basically grain free, dairy free, sugar free and gluten free.  And let me tell you that before I started this I knew people who were paleo and I thought they were could you not eat cheese?!  Or pasta?!  And omg what about beer?!  I was a big beer drinker!  But once this crazy disease hit my system I was ready to try absolutely anything and I've been pleasantly surprised that it's not that hard.  And Pinterest has become my new best friend.   Pretty much every recipe I've found is thanks to pinterest.  All of these recipes are a bit more involved as you're basically always making things from scratch.  But once you get used to that it just becomes a part of your routine.  I always set aside about an hour in the evening to cook and make enough for leftovers so we can have some the next day.

Anyhow, the results of this diet.....Has it gotten rid of my auto immune disease?  Sadly no....It has decreased the pain though...I rarely have attacks that affect all my joints at once.  Now it's typically just one or two joints at a time.  Which I still can't really live with so I am exploring medication.  But, overall this diet has given me more energy and really I just feel healthier.  And yes I've lost about 13 pounds.  I didn't have a ton of weight to lose so I wouldn't want to lose much more.  And do I cheat on this diet?  Yes...once in a blue's not like I'm allergic in a to wheat or dairy in a sense that it's life threatening....and I think with an auto immune disease it's cummulative..meaning that if I eat it several times in a week I will for sure feel it and have pain flare ups.  But if I treat myself to pizza on my birthday I'll be just fine.  And if I go to someone's house and they serve corn on the cobb I'll probably still eat it even though it doesn't fit into the whole 30 diet...a little bit of corn once in a blue moon won't kill me! And you know what...the longer I eat paleo the less I crave all of that stuff.  I also drink a lot less alcohol.  I drink a lot more club soda and iced tea and I thought that giving up beers when I go out with my friends or on a sunny day in the back yard would be brutal.  But you know what?  It's been just fine!

Alright...this post is long enough so I'll share some of my favorite paleo recipes that I've discovered:

Above is one of my favorite sweet treats to make...I think they taste more like girl scout samoas than twix bars but whatever.

 Another favorite sweet treat from  Beaming Baker

Another favorite sweet treat from Beaming Baker

I add chicken and sometimes shrimp to the cauliflower fried rice....another think I do with riced cauliflower is add it to marinara meat sauce which satisfied my pasta cravings.

I LOVE this coconut curry sauce.  I add sweet potato noodles, chicken, shrimp, mushrooms, red peppers, etc....yummy it's my fave!

These almond flour tortillas have become a staple in my diet.  For lunch I spread a little cashew cream on them and fill them with sliced turkey and spinach.  For breakfast I put eggs in them, For dinner I use them for mexican....the possibilities are endless.  And BONUS...this comany also make grain free tortilla I can still eat chips and guac or chips and salsa!

So I think I'll stop there.  But if you're looking for more paleo recipes just head on over to my recipe board on pinterest and you'll find a ton!

Hope all is well out there with everyone!  Until next time!




Butterfly Shadow Box DIY

This is a little belated, but I've been  meaning to share some pictures of the auction project I did for Parker's class this year....

Above is the finished product.  It's a little hard to tell but the butterflies are 3d.  I had each kid paint with water colors on regular water color paper.  Then I used my silhouette cameo to cut out two different sized butterflies and then I attached them together with glue.  So the smaller one in the front has the wings sticking out and the larger one is glued flat to the back board.  I love how each butterfly turned out.  Once they were cut they actually looked so different than the watercolors that the kids had done.  Below is a picture of the in process:

Lining them up evenly was a pain in the ass!  I had to measure the distance out and mark it with a little dot as you can see.  That part was pretty tedious.  Anyhow, I love how it turned out overall.

Of course I tried to bid on it at the auction but it ended up going for way more than we could afford.  Although lucky for me some of the kids' watercolors were large enough that I could cut out two butterfly I actually have a bunch of butterflies ready to go.  I thought about making a second one for the auction but I really did not have the time for that.  Every year it's been really hard to find a parent willing to do the auction project and I always cave and end up doing it.  I'm happy to help but when you're working full time and have to make time to go into the classroom and work with the kids, and then the time that it takes to put the project together, it's a lot.  So I figured my reward for years of doing that could be that I keep the extras and make one of these for myself!  Of course putting the whole thing together takes time itself so those butterflies have just been sitting in my studio waiting to be framed.  One of these days!


Summer Markets...

Summer Market season has arrived!  And so have several new styles....

I'll be at several Markets this summer through September and will have crop tops, culottes, mini dresses, twirl dresses, tinker skirts and more!  My schedule so far is below...come say hi!

July 8th & 9th: Wedgwood Art Festival

July 15th: Edmonds Farmers Market

August 5th & 6th: Urban Craft Uprising at Magnolia Summerfest

September 2nd: Edmonds Farmers Market

September 23rd: Edmonds Farmers Market



New Styles...

have hit the shop just in time for spring!

I'm kind of in love with all of these spring styles.  My hope is to keep replenishing the shop each upload will probably be beginning of may!

Happy Spring and hope the sun shining wherever you may be!  It's certainly trying it's hardest in Seattle!


2017 Happenings..... far

So the consensus seems to be that 2016 sucked.  And while it did suck in many ways, things in my own personal bubble seemed to be going okay.  There were highs and lows, celebrations and challenges but overall at the end of the year despite what was going on around me I still found myself feeling grateful for everything I have and for my friends and family.

We're two months into 2017 and it's been a bit challenging so far.  I was recently diagnosed with an auto immune disease-a rare form of rheumatoid arthritis (I can't even pronounce whatever it is).  It's left me in terrible pain and on some days has prevented me from doing basic routine driving, blow drying my hair, opening a jar of jelly, and of course sewing.  Not to mention I haven't been able to exercise in months.  I've always been one to exercise a few times a week but I'm also not like a work out freak or anything.  But not being able to do it has made realize how good it is for me not just physically but also mentally.  So the lack of exercise, the constant pain and the complete change in diet that I've been experimenting with has left me a touch blue to say the least.  But...I'm exploring medications, I have appointments with naturopaths to explore alternatives and overall I know that there is a resolution to this...I just have to figure out what it is and that takes time.  So while the past few months have pretty much sucked a** I still feel thankful that it's not anything worse.  

Other than working through that sucky situation it's been pretty busy.  City Kid has been busier this winter than ever before (usually post holiday months are dead!), we're working on some minor home improvement projects, and we just had a delightful trip down to California.  We caught up with dear friends and then took Parker to Disney for the first time which was long overdue.

Hoping that the next few months are brighter as spring approaches...not just for me but for friends, family and everyone around.  

Happy very belated 2017!

Where to find City Kid Style this Holiday Season:

Here's a little list of markets for the shopping season:

First up is Urban Craft Uprising which is the first weekend after Thanksgiving.  Find out more about Seattle's largest Indie Craft Fair here.

Next up is the Westlake Holiday Market.  A 4 week long holiday market in Westlake Park curated by the Urban Craft Uprising team.  Think German style Christmas market right in the heart of downtown with different vendors every week!  I'll be there the third week from December 9th through the 15th from 11am-7pm each day.  Find out more here.

And to finish off the holiday season you can find me at Renegade Craft Fair on December 17th and 18th at Hanger 30 in Manusun Park.  Over 200 makers showcasing the very best in modern craft and design!  Check it out here.

Happy Holiday Shopping!!

Sewing Machine Review...

I often get asked what kind of machine I use to sew with.  Well I have four different ones...that's right four!  I've been promising to do a review on my machines so here goes!

I'm not going to give a super detailed review of each machine.  This is really just to let you all know what kind of machines I have and what I like or dislike about them.  If possible I'll try to link up to possible buying options.

First up is my regular old sewing machine:

I have a Janome DC2012 and I've had this machine for just over four years.  I LOVE this machine.  Before this I had a middle of the line Baby Lock and I hated it.  I would literally hold my breath every time I sewed with could barely sew through anything thick, the thread was always snapping, the bobbin was always getting tangled etc....So far I have not had any problems with this machine.  I've never even taken it in for a tune up (yikes!).  The things I like about it:

-The bobbin is top loading and has a clear cover so you can see if it's running out.  

-The speed control option is awesome...I can set it really fast if I'm just gathering or doing an easy straight stitch or slow it down if I need more control for something complicated.  The speed control also makes it really easy for my 10 year old daughter to use.

-Automatic up/down needle just press a button to lower or raise it

-It can sew through very thick layers.

-Overall it's pretty quiet and it also has a really good detailed manual.

I would say the only negative about this machine is the automatic needle threader doesn't work really well.  But honestly I'm not the type of person who has a problem with threading a needle so that just doesn't bother me. I believe I bought this machine for just over $400.  It's a really great middle of the line machine and has been really dependable so far.

Next up is my Serger #1:

This is the Janome 8002d and like my sewing machine I love this one too.  I was really torn between this one and the Basic Brother serger that you'll find a ton of people in the sewing world also have.  The janome was just under $300 and I think the Brother is about 100 cheaper.  I can't speak from experience about the Brother but I have heard good things about it which is why I'm mentioning it here.  I think in the end I went with the Janome because that is the brand of my sewing machine and I loved that so I went with the same brand.

I bought this machine basically to use for sewing my seams (those professional looking seams you see on the inside of all of your clothing) and to do hems.  It can't do a cover hem (the regular looking hem with two straight lines on the front and the herringbone type pattern on the back-that's a different machine) but it can do a rolled hem which I do a lot.

I have also had this machine for about four years now and it has been great.  Sews through thick layers, very detailed and easy to read manual and has pretty much been a work horse.

One thing to mention is that the threading of sergers can be complicated.  There 4 needles to thread not just 1.  And to thread the lower looper you have to go through the inside of the machine.  So if you go into a sewing store they will always try to convince you to buy the self threading pricey machines. That's not really necessary.  It does take time to thread...but this has a great color coded chart right on the inside of the machine so you can follow as you thread.  Once you've done it two or three times you get the hang of it and it's really not that bad.  I'm pretty speedy at it.  

Switching from a 3 or 4 thread overlock to a rolled hem isn't hard but also isn't super quick.   Over all this is a great entry level or even intermediate machine.  Because I sew so very much...5-6 hours a day, and often have to switch to a rolled hem or switch thread colors, I decided to get a second serger to make my process more efficient.  

So...enter serger # 2:

Remember when I said the people at sewing stores will try and convince you of the fancy self threading machines that cost a fortune?!  Well somehow I got suckered into that for my second machine!  I shouldn't say it cost a fortune...they tried to get me to buy the super fancy baby lock Diana which is a cover hem and serger all in one...that baby is priced at well over $3,000.00!  I wasn't about to spend that much so I went with a refurbished Baby Lock Imagine which if I'm remembering correctly cost me about $900.00 (new probably costs about 2,000 at least).  They totally sold me on the whole self threading thing and the fact that you can easily switch from a rolled hem to an overlock etc...

Was it worth it?  Yes and no.  The self threading is pretty great...but it's only for the upper and lower loopers...but it's not like it's still takes a few minutes to rethread the whole thing.  But threading those upper and lower loopers quickly with the press of a button (once you get it set up for that) makes a difference.  And switching from one function to another is pretty quick but still involves a few steps.  And overall this is a well working machine...I haven't had any trouble with's got a great manual and is pretty easy to figure out.  I've been very happy with how this machine works.  

But again...I sew a lot....and when I'm sewing up to 6 or 7 dresses in one day it really doesn't matter if I have one machine that does it all because in the end, it still takes an extra 5-10 minutes to switch out thread, switch to a different function etc...And if you have to do that once or twice per dress and I'm sewing 7 dresses in a day...well there's at least an hour of my time wasted.  So really the best set up for me is to have one machine that performs your average sewing tasks, a serger that I use for seams and a serger that I have set for a rolled hem for my hems and sleeve finishings.  I literally just roll my wheely chair from machine to machine when I need a different function instead of stopping everything, swtiching thread, unscrewing plates to switch a setting, etc...only to have to do that again in 5 minutes when I need a different function.  So in the end I just keep this set at a rolled hem and use it for I could have gone with a less expensive model.  But again I do really like it and I figure if the other serger ever goes south or needs repairs, I have this great one that can do both my rolled hems and my seams.  And because it's already refurbished once, trying to resell and get a less expensive machine would probably just be a wash.

So that is the system that works for me.  But I sew professionally for a living and like I said, I sew a lot.  If you just sew the occasional project that you need a serger for and you have the money to spend than it may be worth getting the imagine.  Likewise, if you sew occasional projects and want a serger but don't want to spend a ton of money than I think the Janome is great option as well.

Next up...the Coverstich machine:

Enter machine #4...the Janome CoverPro 1000 CPX.  What is a Cover Stitch machine you ask?  It really performs just one thing and that's to make those nice little hems on the sleeves and bottoms of garments with the two straight lines on the front and the herringbone type pattern on the back.  It's really the type of machine that only professionals use...there are many ways to do hems but when you sew professionally it's kind of ideal to have one of these.  And even though they only do one thing they are way more expensive than a serger or sewing machine.  Of course the sewing store people tried to sell me on the fancy Babylock Diana that cost well over 3K and does everything...but I already have 2 other sergers that do everything else so all I wanted was a basic coverstitch. 

I waited a long time to get one of these and just purchased mine a few months ago.  And I have to say that the verdict is still out on this one.  I haven't sewn enough projects to get completely comfortable with it but as I figure it out I'm starting to like it more.

I was choosing between this and the similar version by Brother.  This was little more pricey but overall got better reviews and I've had such good luck with my other two Janomes that it was kind of a no brainer for me.

Unfortunately I had a rough start with this one.  First of all the manual is awful which is surprising because my other two manuals I have with this brand are so detailed and great.  This one flat out sucks...vague, little detail, bad pictures, etc...But I'm a very experienced sewer and I'm pretty good at figuring stuff like this out on my own.  Not the case here.  I could not get a good stitch...thred was snapping, stitches were sucked.  I tried different needles, I watched multiple online literally took like 2 full days of trouble shooting.  I was about to pack it back up and send it back but then I stumbled upon a very helpful blog post that someone wrote about giving tips for the settings for what type of fabric you are using.  This random blog post was a game changer.  Furthermore...there is a setting for the presser foot tension...a little knob at the top of the machine.  This is a very important setting and there is absolutely NO mention of it anywhere in the manual.

I stupidly did not save the link for that blog post.  But I was smart enough to take a picture of the settings that she recommended and I refer to that every time I use it and it makes a huge difference.  Here is that handy little chart:

So again the verdict is still out on this one.  I think I will like it.  I'm about to start a new batch of dresses where I will need to use the cover stitch a lot so I'll find out soon!

Okay...that's ALOT of info!  Possibly the longest blog post I've ever written.  But hopefully helpful! And I probably won't proof it so apologies for bad grammar!

Happy Wednesday!





Vancouver Fashion Week

City Kid Style hit the runway this past weekend for the Vancouver Fashion Week's Kids Runway Show...

I'm still waiting on the professional photos but I thought I'd share a few shots that I took behind the scenes and that Dave took from the audience...

Models getting last minute make up touch ups before hitting the cat walk

Parker ready for the runway...the perks of being the designer's daughter is that you get choose your outfit, your hairstyle, etc...this little lady had a blast!

Little model on the runway

Parker on the runway

This cutie told me right before she hit the runway..."I'm going to show some attitude out there!"  And she included a few twirls for the photographers at the end of the runway!

It was a whirlwind of a weekend, exhausting to say the least but really cool and fun and so worth all of the work it took to prepare for this show.  Seeing my designs on the runway was amazing. And the whole fashion show scene was a crazy fun experience.  

My show was on day 6 of fashion week and after the kids show I stuck around to show case my designs in the show room.  So I was able to see all the prep, model fittings, rehearsals, etc... for the shows that were happening that night and that was super fun.  It was a scene to say the least...beautiful models lining the halls waiting for fittings, the designs they were wearing and the amazing hair and makeup.

Overall really cool experience and now it's taken me about 3 days of doing nothing to recover from the weekend!

But holiday shows are fast approaching so I need to clean out my studio and start sewing my butt off!

How to: Building a Booth Display

A while back I posted a few pictures on instagram about my new wooden booth displays and I've had several question about how I did it.


So I thought I'd do a blog post on it and share my process.  Let me start by saying that this isn't really a tutorial and I'm not great about giving exact details, dimensions, etc...but I took a few pictures as I built them so I'll at least share those and you can pretty much get the idea.

I scoured pinterest for a while searching for exactly what I wanted.  I was so tired of boring old clothing racks.  And I have those metal gridwalls that you see above but I wanted to be able to use those for hanging pictures and not just clothes.  Basically I wanted my booth to look a little cooler and have a touch of an urban or industrial vibe.  I saw a few pictures on pinterest using crates and some using industrial looking piping.  I liked the look of it and since I can't really "build" things with saws, wood, etc...I figured the crates would be a good option.

So...I made two racks...the bigger one that you see above and a smaller one that is below.  For the bigger one I used 6 extra large wooden crates that I ordered from home depot.  I believe the exact dimensions are 27 x 12.5 x 9.5.  The ones I ordered are not very sturdy.  Two of them had broken slats when they arrived.  But I got a refund and fixed the slats and used them anyway.  I also had to reinforce the wood with a thick wood block on the bottom inside of the two top crates to be able to screw in the bottom pipe.  For the smaller rack I used 7 regular sized crates that I also got at home depot and they seem to be much sturdier. 

To secure all of the crates together I attached latches on the sides in between each crate that can be hooked when the display is put together and then unhooked easily when you need to break it down and transport it.  Here is a picture of the latches I used:

I had galvanized piping cut to size at home depot to create the racks to hang the clothing on.  Below are pictures of the different fitting that I used to put all the piping together..

Overall it was a pretty easy build.  Here are some pictures of the crates in my back yard during the spray painting process:

And a few more pictures of the racks in use...unfortunately I don't have a good one of the smaller one:

I've now used them for several shows and there are for sure some pros and cons.  I'll start with cons.....

1) the larger one is not very sturdy.  For indoor shows it's okay but for outdoor shows if there is any bit of wind it will sway a bit which is worrisome. As you can see in the above picture we remedied this by securing it with rope to the tent frame.

2) Even though these displays break down easily and transport easily, they take up a lot of room in my car.  There are so many and you can kind of stack them up easily but they still end up taking up a ton of room.  I can put some stuff in them to transport so that's a little helpful.

Now for the pros:

1) The main one is that they are super cool looking.  I can't tell you how many compliments I get about them.  They really do add that little bit of an industrial urban vibe that I was going for.

2) For display purposes they really do hold a lot of stuff.  Both hanging clothes and then the shelving for folded things.  And as you can see in the pictures the bottom racks are all turned around so I can hide my personal belongings behind there.

3) They break down really easily and are very easy to put together.  And even though they take up a ton of room in my car they transport easily.

So now after doing several shows this summer with my current set up, I have some goals and ideas to make my booth even better and to simplify the set up and break down process.  Now I want to replace those big metal gridwalls because they are a giant pain to transport!  I have a few ideas spinning in my head so as soon as I have it all figured out, I'll be sure to share!

Summer Craft Fairs...

Craft Show season is here!  It's two weeks into summer and so far I've had three shows, thus keeping me very busy.

The first was on the smaller side.  The First Thursday Art Walk in Pioneer Square for June.  It was short and sweet compared some of the others.  About 4 hours on a Thursday evening.  Kind of a lot of work to set up a full booth just for 4 hours but it was a lovely evening in the park and I enjoyed getting to know some of the vendors and chatting with passerbys and park goers.

Next up was The Urban Craft Uprising Summer Show.  Let me begin by saying that in the "craft show" world Urban Craft Uprising is kind of like the goddess of all shows.  It exudes coolness.  And it can be difficult as a vendor to get a spot at one of their shows because everyone wants in!  But I finally did after several tries of applying.  And overall it was a great experience.  My sales were great, the show is run so well by the organizers and I met so many great people both customers and vendors.  I even got an instagram message from one customer after the show telling me how inspiring my clothing was and that it was motivating her to sew more.  How cool is that?!  I'd do it again any day and am hoping for a spot in their upcoming holiday show.

I worked really hard on updating my booth display this year.  I built two racks out of piping and crates, I mounted photos and descriptions of my process on foam core, and I added a coloring table for kiddos to sit at and color at while their parents sift through my threads.  I had my designer friend Stephanie Corfee make a digital file of a huge doodley coloring page for me and it's been a great addition!

A few more pics from Urban Craft Uprising:

Next was the Wedgwood Art Festival which was just this past weekend.  I love this show.  This is the third year I've vended at it and it's such a great show!  Below is a pic from Sunday morning before the market opened.

The Wedgwood Art Festival is more of a family bands every hour, arts and crafts for kids, food trucks and of course vendors.  And it's in my own neighborhood so I know a ton of people that come.  Overall it's just a fun, laid back event.

A few more pics from Wedgwood:

Parker has been an amazing little helper at these shows too.  She's finally at an age where she can help out a bit. She packages up people's items, give me bathroom breaks, gets me food and keeps me company.  At the Wedgwood show she even was doing coffee runs to the coffee truck for some of the other vendors!

So that's what I've been up to the past few weeks.  These shows are exhausting but super fun. My next one is in three weeks.  I've sold out basically in a ton of stuff so I'll be sewing my butt off for the next few weeks.  That's also why my website is completely out of one of a kind items.  After the summer craft show season I'll be replenishing the site.

I've also had a few questions via instagram about my new booth display racks.  I took pictures as I built it so I'll try and do a post on that some time soon.

Until then...hope you're summer is going well!!



I think it's time for a little give about a chance to win one of these adorable hand dyed t-shirt dresses?

This little number might be my favorite to date!  Several months ago I was given about 15 plain white used t-shirts.  I didn't know what to do with that many white t-shirts.  So I thought I'd try my hand at dying fabric.  And the result was pretty amazing!  I started with the princess style and for a more simplified look I created this simple t-shirt style dress pattern.  And the best part is how much of the original shirt I can actually use...making it 100% upcycled!

These pretty little dresses will not be listed on my least not for another few months.  I'm currently in mad sewing mode to get ready for summer craft fairs which is where I'll be selling these dresses.  After the bigger fairs, anything that's left over will be listed on my site.  But since posting this dress on instagram I've had several messages about how to get one of these if you aren't in Seattle and can't come to one of my craft fairs.  So I thought I'd host a little GIVEAWAY! The winner will receive one of these dresses in the size of their choice (size 12 months to size 8/9).  What do you have to do to enter?  Follow me on Instagram and just sign up for my newsletter...that's it.  My newsletters go out just a few times a year just to let you know about new releases, sales, etc...Just fill your email address in the GREEN BOX at the bottom of my contact page here.  Easy peasy!  And for an extra entry head to my instagram and find the original giveaway post and tag a friend. Contest ends at midnight this Friday, May 6th.  Winner will be announced Monday morning!  And if you already receive my newsletter...well than you're already entered!

And a big thank you to Emily from Hello Charlie for these gorgeous images!

Happy Tuesday!

New Threads!

New threads are in the shop!  One of a kind upcycled baby doll tops and princess style t-shirt dresses, as well as new "Be Yourself Tees".  So go check it out!

And how cool are the new "Be Yourself" tees designed by Wotto Art?  10% of every sale of this tee will go to Girl Talk, a non-profit organization where high school girls mentor middle school girls through the teenage years.  But that deserves it's very own blog post which will happen in the next week or so!

Thanks to Gina Brown from Phoenix Street for these amazing shots!

Bathroom Refresh....

A few posts back I was drooling over the color black for interiors.  So I went for it in our upstairs bathroom!

We gutted and renovated this bathroom about nine years ago.  And it hasn't been painted since then...eek!  The paint was chipping on the door and around the closet and overall the color (which I used to love) was just feeling blah.  It was one of those things where every time I was in there it got on my nerves and just kept bugging me.  Finally I couldn't take it anymore so on President's weekend I painted it...with the help of my husband of course who did most of the prep work.

Here is a before picture:

It was painted silver sage by Restoration Hardware.  I really like this color.  Our kitchen is actually painted a lighter shade of this.  But it was just time for a change...a dramatic one!

The black I chose is Tom Cat by Kensington and Clark which I got at Ace Hardware.  I did no testing of colors...I always do this and usually it works.  They only had about 4 shades of black anyway so I just picked the one that seemed the truest black and had them mix it up.  I painted the wall behind the vanity and the wall that the door is on black and the other two walls I wanted bright white.  Again I did no testing out different whites...I went in the store and just picked out the brightest white swatch I could find and went with it.  It's so bright white that it makes the subway tile look off white when the tile used to look bright white!  Regardless, I LOVE how it all turned out!

I did a few minor decor changes as well.  I had a printed shower curtain in there that I swapped out for a plain white waffle weave one from our downstairs bathroom.  The curtain used to plain white but I wanted a pop of color so I made a new one.  I got the pink lawn fabric from Girl Charlee Fabrics.  And to finish it off I added a new black rag rug from Urban Outfitters.  So in total the project probably cost about $190.  Pretty good for a whole new look!

Happy Tuesday!  I'm off to make a ton of upcycled t-shirt dresses!


Sneak Peek...

I'm pretty much in love with this new top that I have coming out for spring...

I'll have a line of these one of a kind upcycled baby doll tops coming out in mid-february.  They are all made with some sort of black outer fabric and the inside bodices are lined with pretty plaid and vintage florals...

It's such a sweet and simple top that is pretty on it's own our styled up with a cute jacket and some boots.  And I must say that it goes perfect over top City Kid Style's Cuffed Leggings!  And I just might have some cute shorties coming out this spring that it would be super cute with too!

Happy Wednesday!!



I'm obsessing over black walls lately...

So naturally, now I want to paint a wall in my home black.  The question is which wall?  I'm tempted to do one of my bedroom walls black but we have a few orange accents in there and I feel like that will be too much of a color pop.  Our upstairs bathroom hasn't been painted since we renovated it about 7 years ago so I think that it may be the winner.  But gosh how I dread painting!  It really is such an easy update but I feel like I am constantly painting a room in my house!  And it;s the last thing I have time for.  But as I said...I'm it'll get done in the next month or two or else I won't be able to stop thinking about it and the bathroom will really start bugging me!  I'll be sure to post a few before and after pics for your enjoyment!

Happy Wednesday! 

Christmas Vacation, Jersey Style...

Just thought I'd share a few pics of our east coast holiday...

Dave and I had a night out in New York City with our Seattle besties who were also there visiting family.  I've done NYC many times before but it was super fun to do it with our good peeps from home.  NYC is pretty magical at night during the holidays...every corner you turn there are pretty lights and decorations.  And it turned out to be one of those awesome unplanned nights where you just go with the flow and see where the night takes you.  We stumbled upon awesome bars and an even better speakeasy without even looking.  It was a super fun night spent with awesome friends.

Also in NYC...these two Seattle besties had a surprise meet up at the American Girl Doll store.  Apparently 9 year old girls don't realize how close New York and New Jersey are because they both knew the other one was going to visit family but it never occurred to them that they might be close enough to meet up.  Needless to say they were pretty shocked to run into one another at the American Girl Doll store in NYC and then have lunch with one other there.  I mean just look at their happy faces...priceless!  Parker said it was her best Christmas present ever!

And Parker got lots of quality time and cousin love with these three cuties.  The four of them are the best together and I so wish we lived closer!


And talk about's that for a lot of cousins?!  That would be my dad's side of the family and all of my cousins who we spent Christmas day with at the Jersey shore.  It's a fun crew to say the least and always fun to catch up with them!

So I think that sums up our Jersey Christmas vacation!  We also had a few days when we got home to relax, hit the mountains and play in the snow. All in all I couldn't have asked for a better break.  Now it's back to the grind.  I've got a super busy month sewing up spring samples for photo shoots.  I'm really excited about City Kid Style's spring/summer collection and although it's a ton of work ahead, I'm excited to get started on it!

Happy New Year!