Our Story

Always Handmade, Always One of a Kind and Always Eco Friendly!

It is estimated that over 1 million tons of textiles are thrown away every year.  The waste from these textiles over flows landfills posing a threat to our environment.  By re-using old clothing to make new clothing we can eliminate this waste as well as harmful pollutions to our environment.  Re-using textiles can also benefit the environment by saving energy and pollution that is caused during the manufacturing process.

When Claudia started sewing for her toddler daughter she would try out new projects by using her husbands old t shirts and button downs.  She realized that these items of old clothing actually made perfectly good new items of clothing and that by upcycling them she could not only make new clothes for her daughter but could also help to make a small impact on our environment.  Claudia spent many hours sewing up cool, comfy and hip threads for her daughter out of old clothing.  In 2013 she quit her full time job in Education to focus on launching City Kid Style so that hip little kiddos everywhere could wear her one of a kind and limited edition clothing.

Claudia sews and screen prints all of her clothing out of her home sewing studio in Seattle, Washington.  She consults with a local pattern maker in the Capitol Hill neighborhood of Seattle to fine tune her designs.  She uses a mix of new and old fabrics to create limited edition and one of a kind items. 

By purchasing City Kid Style you can be sure that everything is always handmade, always one of a kind and always eco friendly!

Her main goal is to create cool comfy clothing for your hip little city kid to run and play in!